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  General Questions  

What is a Jedi?

The term and use of the word Jedi has been used in many different ways. There are some who believe it is undefinable in human language, while others promote a personal or universal definition. Currently, we don't officially reocognize an official definition.

An important thing to know about the Jedi, though, is that we promote a way (what is refered to as the Jedi Way), allowing us to follow the will of the Force.

What is the Force?

In Star Wars: A New Hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi describes the Force as an energy field which surrounds all living things, therefore binding the galaxy together. There are a few who do see this as the sole definition of the Force. Most of us, though, see this as simply a point of view, as we do the Force description Yoda gives in The Empire Strikes Back. The Force is a concept which can be viewed upon in many different ways. Some may see this as God, the Tao, Chi, the order of the universe, etc. The Force is a name we use to simplify the use of these other names.

Keep in mind we say, "The Force," not "A Force." There are many forces, existences, beings, etc. What we focus on is the overall force, existence, or being within our reality.

Where does the term Jedi come from?

The word Jedi comes from a fictional source, first used in the movie Star Wars: A New Hope. In the Star Wars universe, the Jedi exist as guardians, promoting peace, order, and justice whenever it is needed. They are, though, seen by us as romantic, not realistic.

Why do you call yourselves Jedi?

Today, in the real word, we relate to many of the philosophies the Jedi in Star Wars hold. We realize many of the concepts they practice are based on actual philosophies which have existed in our reality. Some still do exist. Due to this realization, and due to the lack of morality and ethical concern found in many of our societies, we use the Jedi term as a way to focus on these issues.

What is the Jedi Way?

The Jedi Way is a path we follow in order to further recognize and understand the Force. We see it as a frame of mind, or a tool. This path does include order (known as the Jedi Order), arts (known as the Jedi Arts), training, and philosophical thought. You can learn about these things by viewing our website.

What is the Jedi Order?

The Jedi Order is an actual, written set of guidelines and principles which Jedi promote to follow and understand the will of the Force. Now all guidelines and principles are followed. This is because this is a collection of writings holding various viewpoints. You can learn about this by viewing our website.

No, we do not use the Jedi Order in Star Wars. We make our own.

If you are Jedi, why don't you have fancy powers or use Lightsabers?

This, as you can guess, is a very common question many of us are asked.

What you need to understand is that we don't see ourselves as the Jedi in Star Wars. We don't mimic the fictional Jedi - we exploit their philosophies. We are realistic Jedi, or Jedi based in reality. This is commonly refered to as Jedi Realism.

How do I know if I am a Jedi?

According to a vast majority of us here, you should be trained as a Jedi in order to become a Jedi. This training could be gained by learning from another Jedi or going to an Academy. Some prefer to train by themselves. You do not need to act like the Jedi in Star Wars to be a Jedi. Anyone, we believe, has (or had) the ability and opportunity to become a Jedi.

How do you define a Jedi Master?

As you probably know already, many of us define a Jedi Master in different ways. We commonly see it a title given to an experienced practitioner of the Jedi Ways. You do not have to be an all-powerful Jedi to be a Jedi Master. Some may call themselves a Jedi Master because it is nice to say or because they have a major ego. We do not accept this because we see it as a title given, not taken. It is a title we give to experienced Jedi who diserve our respect.

I want to be trained by a Jedi Master. How do I find one to train me?

Realize a Jedi doesn't have to be a Jedi Master in order to teach here. They simply have to be mature and experienced enough to teach.

Many adepts (learners, beginners) ask this question for one of three resons: A) There are no teachers available, B) Many of the teachers available are already training someone, or C) None of the teachers available desires to train someone at this time.

A good suggestion for adepts is to talk with other Jedi. Ask them if they had a teacher, and, if so, how they found that particular individual. Another good idea is for an adept to learn by themselves and be patient until they find someone. If an adept shows impatience, many teachers will ignore that person and seek someone else.

There is a common saying Jedi use, which goes, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

What is the Jedi Code?

There is no Emotion ~ There is Peace.
There is no Ignorance ~ There is Knowledge.
There is no Passion ~ There is Serenity.
There is no Death ~ There is the Force.

The Jedi Code is a passage taken out of a Star Wars book written by Kevin Anderson. It is a small creed which reminds some Jedi of their duty to the Jedi Ways and Order. It has helped many Jedi and has been explained in many different ways.

There are some Jedi who do not believe Jedi should use this passage as a code, due to its origin. Another reason is because some of us believe we should apply our own code to our own Ways and Order. It is for these reasons some do not recite or follow it. This does not, though, exclude them from being a Jedi.

Are the Jedi a religious group?

We, at the JEDI Website, are not a religious group, nor view the Jedi as a religious group. Regardless of what people may say, we do not hold Jedi rituals or force people to worship the Force. We generally see the Jedi Ways as a way of life, a journey of self-discovery. This is called Jedi Realism.

There was a group who promoted Jedi to be a religion, calling it Jediism. They were called Jediism: the Jedi Religion. They do not exist anymore. Some people may apply the title Jediism to what we do here. This doesn't mean, though, we are a religion. We are a totally different group then Jediism: The Jedi Religion was.

There are some who still view the Jedi as an archetype and as a method to learn about mythology. This is called Jedi Mythos. There is a website called the Jedi Mythos (www.jedimythos.org) who focuses on this ideology.

Most of us believe in taking a moderate approach to the Jedi and avoid extremes. If someone is going to use the Jedi Way to learn, then we believe it should be used appropriately and realistically.

  The JEDI Website  

What is the JEDI Website all about?

JEDI is a loose organization promoting the Jedi philosophy in the real world. This practice is called Jedi Realism. We attempt to represent the general concepts the Jedi Community hold. Our goals are to set a standard for optimizing learning and communication tools, as well as exist as a retreat for those who have questions or concerns - not only dealing with the Jedi Way, yet also with other personal lifestyles. You can learn more by reading our Mission Statement in the Website section.

Do you have a Jedi Academy?

Yes, we do. You can learn more about this by going to the Education section and clicking on the Jedi Academy link there. The Jedi Academy will give you more information about itself.

I want to be trained by the Jedi Academy. How do I get trained?

First, you need to visit the Jedi Academy in the Education section and learn more about it. Then, explore the Academy. When you get a good idea of how it works, then go ahead and fill out a Registration Forum, found within the Jedi Academy forum. When it is approved, you have the ability to post under a topic that is offering training.

Are you an offline group?

At the present time, we are not. We've only been around since 2001 and are still young. We may have some people part of website who do hold meetings, but nothing official so far.

What are the domain names you have which go to this website?

Besides the common thejedi.org domain extension, we use jedi.ws, ejedi.org (which goes to the Community Forum), and also jedionline.org (which goes to the Academy Forum). We also host the Jedi Creed website (www.jedicreed.org). We host many other websites which can be found by going to the Jedi Community portal (www.jedicommunity.com).

  JEDI Membership  

What is a JEDI Member?

A JEDI Member is simply a Member of our organization. They help promote our group and make sure to partake in it whenever they are able to. You can learn more about it when you go to the Registration Form, found by going to the Membership link in the Community section.

How can I be a JEDI Member?

Just click on Registration Form link in the Membership area (found in the Community section). It's very simple to do.

Currently, though, the Registration Form is closed for updates. Please be patient.

Why didn't you give me my login name or password?

Many people have asked this too. The reason we didn't give these things to you is because, at the moment, we don't have a login feature. So there is no need to give you information to use one.

Why isn't my membership status updated on the Community Forum?

Sometimes we forget to update your membership status on the Community Forum. If we have, let us know! Just go to the Help and Advice area (within the Community Forum) and post your concern.

  The JEDI Community  

What is the Jedi Community?

The Jedi Community is the composite of all Jedi groups on the Interent which take the Jedi seriously. These are groups which focus on the Jedi beyond a Star Wars paradigm by applying it to the world we live in today. Most people do this realistically, but there are others who may do this mythically, or religiously.

You can learn more by going to a portal called the Jedi Community (www.jedicommunity.net).

What are the main online groups known in the Jedi Community?

Even though there are various websites in the Jedi Community, and we do what we can to include everyone, there are some websites in which many tend to gather. Besides the JEDI website, we find many recently tend to go to the Force Academy (www.forceacademy.com), the Jedi Realist Academy (www.jedirealistacademy.org), and the Jedi Order (www.thejediway.org).
There is a list of websites available. You can find it by visiting the Jedi Community (www.jedicommunity.net).

Are there any offline groups at all in the community?

There are some groups which now assemble offline. The Jedi Order is not only an online group, but an offline group as well. There is also a group which specializes in arranging meetings for online Jedi, called the Jedi Gatherings Group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jedigatheringsgroup).

 Still Need Help?  

No problem. If you still have questions or comments, we would love to know about them. They can be as detailed as you need them to be. You never know, we may even add it to the FAQ.

Here's a way you can give it to us:

If you need imediate help, you can always go to the
Help and Advice area at our Community Forum. You can also mail us by using staff@thejedi.org.

For those of you who have already helped us with your questions or comments, we really appreciate it. Thank you for helping us help others at the JEDI Website.


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